The 2018 CFAH Ride to Rebuild Sponsored by St. John’s MRC # 115


What an amazing day of fundraising riding music food good times and great friends coming together for the Children’s Fresh air home!!! On September 30th 2018 the annual CFAH Ride to Rebuild roared from Aldelphia Restaurant in Deptford NJ all the way down to North wildwood to The Inlet bar where a massive party and further fundraising took place. This crowd of 130 plus people came from all walks of life to help the CFAH raise funds to complete the project on 11th and surf avenue. This day could not be possible without the love and support of the St. John’s Masonic Lodge and specifically St. John’s MRC #115 and all their friends new and old!!! We can’t thank all our sponsors enough for helping us make the day possible!! Specifically T.C Irons Insurance agency, Vermeer North Atlantic, Arm and Hammer Corporation, McCormick Taylor, Jim Wiggans, Milt McFalls, the Stefankiewicz family, all the volunteers, music by he amazing band Breck, North wildwood police, fire and rescue, NJ state police, Deptford police and all those you came to support us! Can’t wait to see you all again next year!